Electrician in Cobham

Electrical Fault Finding

Earth Fault

Tripping Circuit Break​​er/RCD – device will not re-engage (or will for a short while – then possibly a switched circuit contains the fault)

Dead Short

Phase to Neutral/Phase to Phase – has the main fuse at origin blown

Correct Protective Device in place

Type B – Type C – Type D Circuit Breakers / S’Type RCD’s

Defective Components

Switches – Relays –Contactors, etc, not functioning correctly (brings about the decision as to replace or repair)

Breakdown of Control Circuits

Internal Wiring/PCB’s & Electronics (How far to go for an ‘electircian’)

Reversed Polarity

At supply Origin – at a single outlet (Phase Neutral reversed or neutral earth reversed) or at a single fitting (Phase – Neutral) – Live Test Vs Dead Test.

Mostly seen in Industry

Control Circuits (Internal Fuses) – Contactors (Breakdown of Parts) – 3PH motors (Loss of Phases &/Or burnt out coils) – Single Phase Motors – (Carbon Brushes)

Initial Faults on newly Installed work

Reversed Polarity – Discrimination – loose connections – Protective Devices –Faulty Portable equipment – (NB: Cannot be ‘ware and tear’)

– Nuisance tripping, flickering lights, loss of power, rodent damage.